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About AlaskaWriter LLC

AlaskaWriter LLC is an independently owned and operated business that promotes a multimedia, full-immersion approach to telling the story of science and science research in Alaska. When other reporters are too far away, AlaskaWriter LLC provides on-the-spot reporting, writing and multimedia storytelling services for print, broadcast and online, with an emphasis on communicating in-the-field Alaska science to the general public.

The company is owned and managed by freelance science writer Sonya Senkowsky, whose prizewinning reporting has appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, The Oregonian, BioScience magazine, National Geographic Online and Scientific American, as well as in a variety of alumni publications and on the Alaska Public Radio Network. Sonya has also written for such institutions as the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Medical College of Pennsylvania and is a member of the National Association of Science Writers.

AlaskaWriter LLC services include:

  • Reporting on Alaska-based science research from the field
  • Planning/development of online outreach services for scientists
  • Training science team members in the skills of do-it-yourself outreach
  • Arranging workshops/giving presentations on effective science communication (whether direct or through media)
  • Planning/editing outreach efforts
  • Communications consulting for scientists and independent writers
  • Developing print/audio science features for syndication and distribution
  • Providing/arranging on-the-scene reporting and/or multimedia content to complement your publication's existing coverage.


The creators of Alaska Science Outreach may be contacted as follows:


Sonya Senkowsky, editor
AlaskaWriter LLC
PO Box 140030
Anchorage, AK 99514
Phone: 907-830-7355
Fax: 210-855-0125

To request AlaskaWriter outreach services, or a presenter at your next meeting, for the fastest service, fill out our outreach request form, or you may also send a note to

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