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Mission Statement & Site Policies

Alaska Science Outreach, an independently produced service of AlaskaWriter LLC, seeks to reduce the distance between scientists in the field and the general public by providing a forum where scientists and science communicators can share stories of research in the Last Frontier.

Alaska Science Outreach serves as a portal to public domain stories produced by scientists and research institutions, as well as offering original features and roundups of Alaska science news items.

The site's goals include:

  • Improving communication about Alaska science
  • Streamlining science outreach efforts
  • Contributing to public science literacy and media coverage of Alaska science
  • Offering original science reporting and outreach by AlaskaWriter LLC writers


At a time when mass media budgets for comprehensive science journalism coverage are small, and with the need for better understanding what scientists are doing in the north ever-growing, AlaskaWriter LLC believes that agency-funded or scientist-funded "outreach" (stories about science research written to interest and engage the public), fills a crucial void by contributing to public awareness.

In all its work, AlaskaWriter LLC understands and adheres to the highest codes of journalistic conduct, and pledges that any sponsored story appearing on our outreach sites, or distributed by AlaskaWriter LLC, will always be clearly identified as such and distinguishable from independent reporting we may also feature. Likewise, AlaskaWriter LLC will never accept an assignment without first disclosing and discussing any possible conflicts of interest. If you have any questions or concerns about the site’s ethical guidelines or policies, please contact .

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