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If you or your group will be in Anchorage, ask about AlaskaWriter LLC's free 30-minute sample presentations, available to groups of 15 and up. Topics include the following:

"Getting Press" — You know your work is fascinating — so why doesn't anyone else think so? A brief overview of what the press wants in a story (it's not just sensationalism, really), the different kinds of "press" you can get, and how small things you do and say can make even obscure research irresistible.

"Talking to Reporters" - Ever feel like you and the reporters you talk to speak two different languages? A brief guide to some common miscommunications between reporters and scientists, and tips for navigating the cultural divide.

"Practically painless outreach" - Outreach is a nice idea, but who has time for it? You do. Why the best outreach happens when you're already busy. How to turn your fieldwork and other regularly scheduled work time into outreach time. (Expandable to 1/2-day workshop)

"When Scientists Write" — Writing for the public should feel like a break, not another thesis. How telling the small stories, identifying with your audience, and letting go of the strict rules of scientific writing can save you time — and turn you into a better storyteller. (Expandable to 1/2-day or full-day workshop)

To request AlaskaWriter outreach services, or a presenter at your next meeting, for the fastest service, fill out our outreach request form, or you may also send a note to .

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