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Every story/package on Alaska Science Outreach has its source information and distribution availability clearly marked. Many stories that appear on Alaska Science Outreach are available for free reprint, but some materials may not be redistributed without written permission. Look for the notice at the end of the story for this information.

In the case of stories produced by Alaska Science Outreach that are available for free distribution, we ask only that users credit AlaskaWriter LLC and include the tagline: "Read more stories of Alaska science at" Stories that say they are in the "public domain" do not require such credit (though of course, we'd still appreciate it if you told others where you found them). Stories we link to that are produced and maintained elsewhere may contain additional instructions and restrictions.

Online links to any of the publicly available material on our site is encouraged.

Occasionally, we may offer special features, such as high-resolution images, multimedia packages and other materials available for reprint only for a fee. If a story says it requires a fee or written permission to reprint, please contact . In most cases, we will be able to respond to your request within 24 hours.

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