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Sculpted By Ice: USGS-supported book guides readers through Alaska’s glaciers

(Anchorage, Alaska) An assistance award from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) supported the development of “Sculpted by Ice: Glaciers and the Alaska Landscape,” published by the Alaska Natural History Association. Author and photographer, Michael Collier spent two summers traversing Alaska’s glaciated areas researching this book. Periodically joined by USGS geologists, Collier flew, kayaked and hiked his way into intimately knowing Alaska’s glaciers.

Ice once covered most of North America. Today, Alaska, with its approximately 100,000 glaciers, is a living example of its profound influence. The state’s rugged landscape is a textbook of glacial activity, and Michael Collier guides you through its pages. Collier helps the non-scientist reader traverse the tricky terrain of glacial terms and geologic time with an engaging and entertaining writing style. Intertwined with information on how glaciers are formed, ecological impacts of glaciers, and global climate changes, Collier shares his personal journey into Alaska’s glacial landscape.

“Sculpted by Ice” is fully illustrated with stunning photographs, maps, and diagrams and includes introductory information on visiting some of Alaska’s most accessible glaciers.

A pediatrician with degrees in geology, Collier has written several other books on geology, including “Geology of Denali National Park,” also published by Alaska Natural History. He has won national awards for his publications.

The Alaska Natural History Association is the non-profit publisher and educational partner of Alaska‚s public land agencies. Proceeds from sales in bookstores at nearly every park, forest and refuge in Alaska generate support for educational programs, materials, exhibits, and projects. Alaska Natural History is a member-supported organization. 

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