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Training the Brain to Heal Itself

New Treatments for ADD, Autism/Aspergers, Anxiety and Depression

A series of free lectures and demonstrations with
Al Collins, Ph.D., Psychologist

All lectures in the Loussac Library, 1st floor Public Conference Room
7:15-8:45 PM

Recent developments in brain science and cognitive psychology have led to new, non-drug ways to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, anxiety, and depression.  This series will introduce you to the techniques we have brought to Alaska and developed in our office.  You will learn new ways of understanding what the brain is doing in these conditions and get specific ideas about how to work on them in daily life.

January 30, Monday.  Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD.  Training the brain to pay attention by giving information about its moment-to-moment levels of activation is now thirty years old and practiced by thousands of therapists worldwide.  We will review the physiological basis of this treatment, the research that supports it, and how we use it in practice.  There is no single treatment for ADD that is completely effective by itself, including drugs and neurofeedback.  In addition, the client must learn self-monitoring and regulation skills, positive self affirmation, and stress-resistance skills.  The family is an essential component of treatment, as is the school.  We will outline a multimodal program for ADD/ADHD that has emerged as the most effective way to treat the disorder.

February 9, Thursday.  Self-regulation of Aspergers and other Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  The autistic spectrum disorders are complex neurological conditions that respond poorly to drug therapies, though these can often help with some of the symptoms.  In recent years, several clinics have reported success using neurofeedback based on careful „brainmapping‰ (quantitative EEG) augmented by parent and school changes and anxiety reduction.  We will describe how this works and report on our success with the process.

March 2, Thursday.  Using Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy, and Brain Training to Overcome Depression and Anxiety.  Although antidepressant drugs do work, their effectiveness is quite limited.  Research shows that some forms of talk therapy do about as well, and the combination of drugs and talk is even better.  We add brain self control practice and training in self awareness (mindfulness).  Our experience is that the combination of these things can often work better for depression and anxiety than drugs alone.

For more information, call (907) 344-3338

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