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Quake shakes, stirs Anchorage

"Did you feel the shaking? Report it here," says the home page of the Alaska Earthquake Information Center page. And, within a half hour of a 5.0 magnitude quake centered just 8 miles north of Anchorage today, more than 260 people had done it.

The link goes to a Web site maintained by the US Geological Survery Earthquake Hazards Program that seeks to understand how people experience different quakes. The site asks people to give details of their experience, from where they were when they felt the quake, to what they heard and saw and whether it was difficult to stand or walk.

Many questions refer to objective observations, such as: “Did you notice swinging or swaying of doors or hanging objects?” Others seek a more subjective response, such as asking respondents to gauge how frightened they were by the experience (possible answers range from “no reaction” to “extremely frightened.")

The answers are fed into a chart and a “community Internet intensity” map that you can review immediately to see how your neighbors and others are responding.

In the time it took to write this article, at least another 200 people had entered their data, with 459 people responding, from Anchorage to as far away as Seward (more than 127 miles away from the epicenter).

How did the quake rate? The maximum intensity reported at that time was IV, which is described as light shaking resulting in no damage. But if you felt it too, feel free to visit the site and add your observations to be a part of the research.

Editor’s note: According to a later news release, the quake magnitude was adjusted to 4.7 and may still be adjusted. Visit the Alaska Earthquake Information Center for the most current information.

[Read more at Alaska Earthquake Information Center]

| Posted 02.16.05 at 4:58 pm

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