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Canadian aquarium takes over care for Alaska sea otter

A baby sea otter rescued off the coast of Alaska in July is now being cared for at the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada, where visitors can watch the animal's constant care via a live camera feed.

The Vancouver Aquarium is demonstrating the cute and cuddly side of animal rehab as they let visitors watch remotely the constant care required by a baby sea otter found off Alaska’s coast.

The sea otter was originally brought to Alaska’s Seward SeaLife Center; in late August, caretakers transported the animal to the British Columbia aquarium, where a live video feed of caretakers working with the baby otter is now including visitors in the small animal’s day-to-day rituals, from feeding and sleeping to play and grooming.

Caring for a sea otter pup is a full-time job, reports the aquarium: “In the wild, sea otter pups learn their survival skills from their moms. Our Animal Care Staff play the role of ‘mom,’ helping the pup to develop the skills she will need to take care of herself. Over time, the pup will become more independent of her human caregivers.”

The aquarium is also conducting a contest to name the pup (deadline Sept. 17), open to British Columbia residents.

[Read more at Vancouver Aquarium]

Vancouver Aquarium | Posted 09.14.04 at 7:36 pm

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