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First chicks of season hatch at Sealife Center

The Alaska SeaLife Center is now welcoming some tiny new personalities. One of six Pigeon Guillemots has hatched, and a clutch of Long-tailed ducks has cracked free from its shells. The first puffin chicks of the season have also arrived.

Ishmus and Volcano are the first new puffins of the season.  Volcano cracked the shell late in the evening of July 25; Isthmus arrived a day earlier.  Fabio and Flo are parent rearing Volcano, while Bonnie and Clyde are rearing Isthmus.
The chicks are captivating visitors and human caregivers alike.  “I love getting to know the personalities of the birds,” says Nicole Brandt, an aviculturalist at the Center. “Each one has different mannerisms and each is so unique.”
Hudson sleeps in a tote to maintain the darkness Guillemots prefer. Guillemots’ nests are located in tunnels or in rocky crevices.  “When the Guillemot is sleeping, we try to be quiet when we are near his tote,” says Aviculturist Mike Grue.  “We know that if we make a loud noise, he will wake up, and he always wakes up hungry.”
The new chicks—hand-raised by avian staff—are often featured on Puffin Encounter tours at the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Jack (CC14) and Ruby (CC03) are the parents of the Pigeon Guillemot chick, Hudson, which is now feeding on small fish every three to four hours.  Alice (CH04) and Benson (CH05) are the most likely parents of the Long-tailed ducklings– who are eating mosquito larvae, daphnia, and Mazuri starter duck pellets.
The Alaska SeaLife Center is a non-profit marine science facility dedicated to understanding and maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem of Alaska through research, rehabilitation, conservation, and public education. The Center’s research facilities and naturalistic exhibits immerse visitors in the dynamic marine ecosystems of Alaska.   

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| Posted 07.26.06 at 10:13 pm

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