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Robot sub successfully follows, films octopus

A robotic undersea camera designed to film the elusive giant Pacific octopus successfully followed and filmed one of the creatures this summer in Prince William Sound, report researchers.

The device is a designed to help marine biologists learn more about the elusive creature. The undersea robot, known as “Shadow III” is being designed to wait patiently outside the den of a tagged octopus, ready to “shadow” its every move.
Marine biologists, directed by Professor David Scheel at Alaska Pacific University, will use the sub to learn more about the behavior of these little-understood animals.
University of Arizona engineering undergrads, in collaboration with students from Alaska Pacific University and the Colorado School of Mines, are building the mini-sub to include a video camera and hydrophones (sonar microphones) to follow the pinging of its tagged prey.

See also the related Sept. 16 story by the Tucson Citizen.

[Read more at University of Arizona]

Photo by David Scheel | Posted 09.23.04 at 4:35 am

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